Anji Lesourne Art

Elevating Human Emotions through Abstract And Figurative Portraiture

Anji LESOURNE is an oil painter whose journey began in the vibrant landscapes of Jamaica in 1980. From her earliest days, she immersed herself in the world of art, harnessing the essence of creativity through paint, sketch, and boundless imagination. Anji's artistic narrative is one that resonates deeply with the abstract portrait, a realm where human expressions and sensibilities converge in a symphony of textures and mediums.

Distinguished by her masterful use of diverse materials including oil paint, paper, plaster, and acrylic, Anji LESOURNE is great at innovation. Her artworks transcend the conventional, inviting viewers to partake in a sensorial journey that intertwines bold strokes, delicate details, and layers that weave tales of emotions.

Having honed her craft through years of education and artistic exploration in the United States, Anji's quest for creative evolution led her to the romantic city of Toulouse, France, in 2011. It was here that her artistic metamorphosis gained a new dimension. Every brushstroke on her canvas becomes a bridge connecting the tangible and the intangible, the visible and the hidden. Anji's artistic process is a symphony of phases, a dance of emotions, transforming each canvas into a narrative that breathes life into the emotive.

In her current atelier in Toulouse, France, Anji LESOURNE continues to unravel the nuances of human emotions through her abstract and figurative artwork. Her works are a testament to her ability to evoke profound reactions from the viewer. With every piece, she offers collectors a journey beyond the superficial, an exploration of the human soul captured on canvas.

For galleries seeking to curate collections that spark conversations and resonate with the connoisseurs of art, Anji LESOURNE's creations are a treasure trove of raw emotions waiting to be unveiled. Her artworks stand as a bridge between the artist's creative depth and the collector's desire to experience the sublime.

Embark on a voyage through the tapestry of emotions with Anji LESOURNE's abstract portraitsa journey that transcends borders, mediums, and time itself.